Story of the Brand

Adicon and its exceptional offering is a product of vision, demand, and objective of delivering ceramic products that add iconic values to spaces. It is also a passionate endeavor encouraged and inspired by the efforts of sustainability for a better tomorrow.

We at Adicon believe in delivering an experience beyond excellence and the same is fulfilled by revolutionary ceramic products dominating the luxury sector of the tiling industry backed by innovation, technology, and a pioneering vision.

Substantial Industry Experience
Colossal Slab Formats
Pioneering Products
Creative Strategy
Our Vision

We envision leading and inspiring the premium sector of the tile industry with our inventive approach and revolutionary products. We are inclined to become the pioneer of the premium tile segment by being the first choice of consumers, builders, architects, and a leading example for the tile industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add iconic value to distinguished spaces through our revolutionary products. Our ambition is to accentuate every premium space with our innovative surfaces. Adicon is also dedicated to developing sustainable products that contributed to a better environment and tomorrow.

Core Values

Efforts towards innovation and innovative
products remain the core value
of Adicon.


Efforts towards sustainability, eco-friendly products,
and production remain to be one of the core values
of Adicon through its products.


One of the core pillars of Adicon's
inception and its fundamentals is
exceptional quality.